We have successfully completed the initial preliminary auditions in Edison on Oct 3rd & in Princeton on Oct 9th. If any one missed the opportunity in NJ.
Here are the upcoming auditions in North East region.

Pitsburgh: On October 15th, 2010, contact: Sheela Kosur 412 607 6435
New York: On October 23rd, 2010, contact: Shiva Muthiki 631 327 2015
Philadelphia: October 30th,2010, contact: Saroja Sagaram 215 699 6367
Connecticut: On October 30th,2010, contact: Rao Yalamanchili 203 344 8432

Mudra Creations

Mudra Creations

Talent Search
  1. Mudra Creations will conduct preliminaries across USA in the months of Sep/Oct 2010
  2. And from each location, select about 20% to regional search
  3. Regional Finals will be during Nov 1st week
  4. National Finals will be held in NJ on Nov 13 and 10 best Dancers will be selected to go to India
  5. Registration is $100 per person
  6. Any dance form and any music
  7. There are two Age groups: 8 to 15 and 16 to 25.
  8. Nationals top 10 will be invited to India with all expense paid trip and participation in GEMINI TV Reality Show
JSMN International Inc
Candor International School
Telugu Magic TV
Coriander Restaurent

Pranav Creations


NRI Dance Talent Hunt for GEMINI TV

(in association with Mudra Creations and Telugu One)
Dances can include Classical, Bollywood, Tollywood, and Folk - all dance
formats are allowed

North East Region covers the following locations:   New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Boston, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Pittsburg

Register by clicking here to participate in the event.
Registration fee 
is $100 per person.

Key dates:
  1. North East preliminaries: Sep 25th, Oct 3rd, Oct 9th and Oct 16th at individual centers
  2. North East Regional Finals: November 6th, 2010: Royal Alberts Palace, 1050 King Georges Post Rd, Fords, NJ 08836
  3. National finals: November 13th, 2010: The East Brunswick Performing Arts Center at Hammarskjold Middle School,
    200 Rues Lane, East Brunswick, NJ 08816-3694
  4. Please visit www.pranavcreations.com for more details.

Pranav Creations in association with Mudra Creations, and Telugu One is organizing an NRI Dance Competitions for Gemini TV Channel (one of the leading channels in India) to bring out the hidden talent in the NRI youth. This is the first time ever any Indian channel planning to conduct the dance competitions across all USA to find the best dance talent and bring it back to India. Famous danseuse Dr. Padmaja Reddy is going to tour extensively in USA accompanied by famous choreographers of India during the competitions. 

The plan is to select nearly 10 best performers through this talent search, which is going to take place in the month of
September, 2010 across all major cities in USA. The selected persons will be invited to India and training is provided in various dance forms, and will be given opportunity to participate in Gemini Channel Reality shows. The entire expenditure will be borne by the Gemini Program Organizers. 

Eligibility, Terms and Conditions: 

  1. In every center up to 50 or more registrations will be accepted on first come first serve basis

  2. Contestants' age should be between 8 and 25 years. There are two age groups 8 to 15 and 16 to 25.
  3. Participants should have to be acquainted with at least one dance form. It does not matter whether it is Western, Movie, Classical, folk or any other form of dance
  4. The entrants will move up in three steps as they successfully compete in each step to be selected as the finalists at the national level.  These levels include preliminary from where several will be selected to compete at the regional level.


  1. It is a golden opportunity for those who have interest in dancing
  2. Every participant will be presented with a famous dance school certificate and Gemini Channel Participation Certificate
  3. Selected candidates will get training from the famous choreographers in India free of cost
  4. An all expense paid trip to India - round trip tickets, accommodation, food, training, local trips, and insurance will be borne for the selected 10 finalists from USA and participation in Gemini TV Reality show is assured
  5. Instant access to be recognized as the favorite artist of millions of Gemini TV viewers all around the globe - and chance to interact with celebrities, artists, and producers

Dance Talent Hunt FAQ 

Q) What are the different modes available to participate in the event? 
A) Any type of dance is allowed 
Q) Does mode of participation influence my chances to win the berth in MEGA FINALE? 
A) No 
Q) Is there any age limit to participate in this event? 
A) 8 to 25 years  (two categories 8 to 15 and 16 to 25)
Q) Is this event limited to any one language? 
A) No. Telugu, English, Hindi, and Tamil also allowed 
Q) Is this event open to all the ethnic communities? 
A) Yes! It is open to all the ethnic communities. 
Q) What is the selection criterion to select the top performers? 
A) Dance, looks, body structure, body movements, flexibility, facial expressions and attractive dance. 
Q) What kind of dance forms are allowed in this competition? 
A) All types of dance forms are allowed. 
Q) What is the maximum duration of the song?  
A) Maximum limit is 7 min for classical, and 5 min for non-classical. 
Q) Is this event open to professional dancers? 
A) Yes! The event is open to professional dancers 
Q) Whom do you consider as professional dancers? 
A) Masters, people who perform well on the stage, they should be able to manage the song and perform with ease. They should be able to attract the audience and judges. 
Q) Shall I bring my own musical accompaniment on CD for personal audition? 
A) Yes! You should bring your own CD.


Pranav and Mudra Creations
Executive Committee