Dear friends, Sri Ramachari's work shop has really made a big impact on the way we organize community events and encourage the kids and music lovers as proven by the 50+ sign ups and dedicated and active participation, leading to a grand musical performance by Sri Ramachari and the entire team of volunteers. It has changed the mind set of the work shop participants and boosted the confidence among the students, as I have personally witnessed myself and proud to be an active coordinator for this work shop. My personal thanks to Sri Krishna Temple executive committee for the venue and all sponsors who contributed for this event. Sri Ramachari is a dedicated person who sacrifices his life for promoting music and teaching students India and abroad and we look forward to see him again & again.

I have uploaded a few videos of Sri Ramachari gari NJ work shop grand final performance on Aug 22nd at Sri Krishna Vrundavanam at Edison NJ as per I recorded the entire 2 hours of program and created a complete DVD for your distribution. Please contact me or sign up as follows to get a copy.

Check for more you-tubes soon like "SaRiGaMaPaDaNiSaRaale - Madi Paade..."

Mukundamukunda by all workshop participants:

If any of you need DVDs, please sign up at Check & for NJ events.
Thanks. With regards.
-Satya Nemana 732-762-7104

Little Musicians Academy (LMA) and MUZIGLE
cordially invite you to join and attend the light music work shop
Grand Musical Performance by the

Great Musician, TV Anchor and Music Director

Sri Ramachari

(Director, Little Musicians Academy and Teacher for several Super-Singers)

accompanied by
Smt. Anita Krishna (famous NJ singer)
Venue: Shri Krishna Vrundavana, 215 May Street, Edison, NJ 08837.

Date: August 22nd 2010 - 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

Please check the following interesting links of Sri Ramachari's achievements
LMA Documentary:
Velugu Veliginchu:,,,

To join Ramachari's Music Workshop at
 Lalita Sangeeta Sikshana Sibiram
, click

Ramachari Garu has been conducting free musical classes for the past 11 yrs in India in the name of "Little Musicians Academy (LMA)" and we all appreciate and support him for doing this great job. All donations go to this Academy to train and encourgae the youth in light music. For details, contact:
Srilakshmi Parcha 732-309-2445, Satya Nemana 732-762-7104, Mahender Musuku 732-794-0475, Srinivasa Ganagoni 732-429-4855, Damu Gedala 856-577-7112, Dr. Prem & Lakshmi Nandiwada 908-216-6501, Sankar 650-430-5958 Thanks to TFAS for support by Anand Paluri 201-207-3241 & Vasu 917-449-1283. For more details, please visit, & Click to download flyer in HTM, PDF, JPG

Recently in Telugu movies after Balu, Janaki and Suseela times, the trend of singing by telugu folks has reduced. But this trend has now changed with new telugu singers like Geeta Madhuri, Hem Chandra, Kousik, Deepu etc. There is a success story behind this and it is because of the scarifice and dedication of none other than Sri Ramachari. As seen in several TV reality shows, the kids of age even less than 10 years excel in music performance. It is because of the hard work and excellent desciplined training by Sri Ramachari. With more than 25 years of experience, he is able to extract the talents out of these kids and train them into well performing musicians. He is a talented artist, singer and the music director, working behind the screen. Now he expanded his horizons beyond Andhra Pradesh by training the kids abroad in countries like USA. Please take advantage of his light music work shop by signing yourself at For the latest updates on this program and flyer, please check

Brief Profile of Sri Ramachari

Academic Qualifications:
B.A, B.Ed (Osmania University), Certificate course in Carnatic music, T.T.C Music, Grade 1 Music Composer & B high grade singer of Prasara Bharathi.

- Performed in India & Abroad in countries, including U.S.A, Australia, Kuwait & Dubai.

Professional Experience:

- singer in movies like Sambaram, Ramayanam, Swethanagu, Sri Ramadasu etc.
- Composed the music for the film Premalekha Rasa.
- Has composed & sung in various private audio albums.
- Has composed & sung many title songs for T.V Channels.

Professional Achievements:
Mentor: Mentor for many reality shows on various T.V channels.
Founder: Little Musicians Academy ,established in the year 1999 by Rama Chary, training, guiding & promoting talented children and youngsters in music (free of cost) with the motto of peace and international brotherhood through music

Under the mentorship, coaching and able guidance of K.Ramachary, LMA performs the following activities:
- Recognizing talent.
- Providing training in light music (Film songs, geet, ghazals, group songs, patriotic songs etc), light classical music (Annamacharya, Purandharadas and Ramadasa keertanalu etc).
- Providing nuances and techniques of singing like breath management, modulation, emoting etc while keeping shruthi and laya in mind.
- Performance techniques like body language, holding mikes, voice throwing etc through real time exposure to stage and recording studios.
- So far trained over 250 children. Most of the students of LMA have become professional playback singers and channel stars. Above all students of LMA are moulded into wonderful human beings.

Awards Won:
1. AP State govt. NANDI Award
2. Delhi Telugu Academy Award
3. Vamsee International Award
4. Kalaradhana Award
5. Anurodh Award
6. AP Kalavedika Lalitha Sangeetha Visharada Award
7. Rotary Excellence Award
8. Vamsee Ugadi Puraskar

Kum Oruganti Leelavathi (Classical music), Sri P.V.Saibaba (Light music)

Goals towards the future:
- To establish a residential music school for musically talented children among orphans & socially discriminated.
- To establish an Old Age home for senior musicians.
- To spread peace, international brotherhood, humanity & social awareness through music.

Address For Communication:
K Rama Chary, Flat No 7, First Floor, HIG Block 4, A.P Housing Board Colony, Baghlingampally, Hyderabad-500044, Andhra Pradesh, India. Mobile: +91 92465 42427 +91 92462 42427, Email: