4th Ghantasala Aradhana & 1st Balu Sangeeta Utsavam
Vegesna Foundation

Time: Nov 13th Sunday 4pm to 8pm

Venue: Sri Krishna Vrundavana Temple, 215 May St, Edison, NJ

Artists: Mani Sastry - Houston TX, Tata Bala Kameswara Rao - Hyderabad,
Vindo Babu - Hyderabad, Gananjali - Hyderabad

Contact: Prabha Raghunadhan 908-234-2546 PrabhaRaghunadhan@hotmail.com

Live Concert by Top Singers from Hyderabad and USA

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  Service to differently disabled children. Your contributions are Tax Deductible. Admission is Free. All are welcome. Visit http://www.VegesnaFoundation.org.