Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF)
cordially invites you all with friends and families to
Talks by Dr. Subramanian Swamy, the crusader against plunder of India and Kamal Kumar Swamy the crusader against looting of Hindu Temples. Visit for details.

July 9th (Sat) 2011, 2 PM to 5 PM
#1553, Suite 1600, Route 27 South, Somerset, NJ 08873

On Route 1 South, take right onto Cozzens Lane, make right on to Route 27 North. #1553 Medical Arts Building is on left. Take elevator to the basement. Contact Ph: 732-723-7382, 732-762-7104 (Satya Nemana) Check

If Corruption is India's Disease, What is the Cure?
by Dr. Subramanian Swamy

Plight of Hindu Temples
by Kamal Kumar Swamy

Dr. Swamy, a visiting professor at Harvard, former Union Cabinet Minister is renowned prosecutor against plunder of India by those at high places. Whether it is exposing 40 billion dollar 2G spectrum scam that brought the plunder of India to national attention, notice to PM for prosecution of Sonia Gandhi, stopping destruction of sacred Rama Sethu, battle against fraudulent EVMs used to win elections, Dr. Swamy is a crusader par excellence. Today 80% of India live in poverty , every second child is malnourished while at the same time 1.4 trillion dollars was looted from India. The brutal action by Government against fasting men and women in the middle of the night on June 4th, even attempt to murder Baba Ramdev (in Baba's own words), shows the extent the Government would go to muzzle the voices against corruption. Dr. Swamy is a fighting this valiant battle against backdrop of ruthless Government and toothless opposition.

Kamal Kumar Swamy is a fearless and a tireless fighter who fought againt Government looting of Hindu Temples, driving them to extinction. When 40% of temple lands used for temples sustenance were encroached by Govt and their cronies, devotees contributions are used for political purposes with no account for millions donated at Tirupathi temple , evangelical CM of AP converted 20% of the state was openly encouraging conversions right at temples, most Hindus oblivious to the situation, Kamal Kumar Swamy took arduous task of conducting two successful Padayatras walking 8,500 Kms visiting thousands of villages in every district of Andhra Pradesh, bringing awareness to more than 10 million people. His padayatras were covered by nearly 250 media articles. Working with GHHF he brought several lawsuits against Govt, banned conversions at temples & is recognized as leader in speaking out on injustices to Hindu community.

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