Let us send
An experienced Indian-American to Congress!

Jun 3rd 4pm Event @ Royal Albert's Palace, Fords, NJ 08863
Community Fundraiser
Dear Friend,

We have a historic opportunity to send an experienced Indian-American as our voice in Congress!

As the fastest-growing affluent community in the US, we do not have enough influence in Washington. This is our chance, a rare opportunity to send a seasoned and approachable member of our community to be our voice in Congress, to protect our interests, to highlight our causes, and to ensure we continually stay on the radar when important decisions are being made. As one of his primary supporters, you will get a ringside view of the action and be able to make a difference due to your direct connection to someone who cares and understands.

6-term NJ Assemblyman and 2-term Deputy Speaker Upendra J. Chivukula is running for Congress from New Jersey's Congressional District 7 as a challenger to two-term incumbent Leonard Lance (R-7). While the incumbent is still in a primary run, Chivukula is the unanimous choice by the Democratic Party. Thus, your resources will be conserved for the General Election this November.

Please support his candidacy and strengthen his hand by joining the Jun 3rd fundraiser event. If you cannot be there in person, please contribute generously by clicking on the link below.

Note : Please feel free to invite your family and friends by forwarding this email.

Fundraising Dinner

Royal Albert's Palace
1050 King Georges Rd
Fords NJ 08863 | (732) 661-1070
Sunday Jun 3rd, 2012 | 4:00PM-8:00PM
About Upendra Chivukula
  • Chivukula is a 2-term Deputy Speaker of the New Jersey General Assembly and chairs the Assembly Telecom and Utilities Committee, is vice chair of the Homeland Security and State Preparedness Committee, and a member of the Transportation, Public Works and Independent Authorities Committee.
  • This is his 6th term as NJ Assemblyman.A veteran lawmaker, Chivukula was previously mayor (2000-2001), deputy mayor (1998-1999) and councilman (1997 to 2005) of Franklin Township, Somerset County.
  • The only Indian-American in the 120-member New Jersey Legislature, he has been a strong advocate for issues and concerns of the entire community.
  • An electrical engineer by profession, he has a track record as a problem solver who has worked successfully on a bipartisan basis to grow jobs and the economy. He has stewarded legislation that has helped catapult New Jersey to a national leader in clean energy and delivered thousands of clean jobs.
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